Introduction of Daily Umeed e Insaf

Daily Umeed-e-Insaf” is one of the leading Urdu Newspapers in Pakistan . Three editions of this daily news paper are being published from Faisalabad, Islamabad and Peshawar. It is a novel news paper which contains every type of latest news as well as information which is need of the time. It contains daily National news as well as International news, Business Publications in Urdu , Bollywood and Lollywood News in Urdu, forecast and idarias.

Although daily “Umeed-e-Insaf” is being published from Faisalabad, Islamabad and Peshawar yet it covers every type of news of the world. It is distinction of this Urdu epaper that the leading/head line of the news covers full impact for its viewers. If the viewer studies the head lines he feels no need to study whole of the news. In this way they are able to save their precious time.

The publication of daily “Umeed-e-Insaf” is delivered in every nook and corner of the country. The generalists of this Urdu newspaper are very active efficient and well versed with their duties. They try to cover each and every occasion which occurs. They some time cover the processions where there are dangers to their lives. The daily “Umeed-e-Insaf” has also team of renowned spokes men who contributed a lot for prosperity of this paper.

The daily “Umeed-e-Insaf” also contains publication of cartoon at its front page which contains whole story in it. The viewer can understand full story which the cartoonist want to express through its few pictures. Some times the author describes humorous stories through these cartoons.

The health tips given in daily “Umeed-e-Insaf” also is need of the general public who is much benefited by such health tips. In short the authors of this news paper succeeded to cover every aspect which is required taste of the community. Due to which it has huge public demand in Pakistan.

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